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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been a streamer?
Do you have a mailbox where to send stuff?
Where did you get your stream design pack?
Do you take stream requests?

The Channel

Hi! My name is April Valentine AKA NekoMaGiX. My main stream is every day at 8PM PST. I also make special morning streams all 1st‘s, 15th’s and 30th’s of every month with the lastest gaming news.
Los Angeles, USA
PC, PS4, Atari
All Ages
Favourite Game
Witch Hunters
eSports Team
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Stream Rules

  1. Be positive! Respect and help other viewers
  2. Be respectful of moderators
  3. No insults or any other bad laguage
  4. No self promotions
  5. Discrimination will result in ban
  6. No message or emote spamming
  7. Have fun!

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